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Rules forum VentorHack.

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Good afternoon, dear forum users.
From this day the forum has new rules for all users without exceptions.

1. It is forbidden to leave open links to file upload. Each link should be under the Haid at least 1 message.
Punishment: Warning

2. It is forbidden to merge information from the Haida novoregam.
Punishment: For every proven fact of hayd's discharge or demand for draining - money, any service - ban.

3. In the event that a user who does not have access to the information's hajd, will prove that another user who has access to such information required for the discharge of money, any other service - the "highleader" receives the ban, and the user receives as a reward access to this haidu.

4. The publisher of the topic has the right to merge the guide or send the information in the LAN to any user v-h.su. Notice, I said to merge, and not sell or demand any other service.

5. Forbidden idiocy and flood, for example, such messages "21312" or "Thank you"
Punishment: Warning.

6. It is forbidden to offend the Administration of the project or how to suggest this idea in the subject, even in messages.
Punishment: Warning

7. If you see an intruder, you must file a complaint by clicking on the "Complaints" button.

8. It is forbidden to advertise other sites on the forum or advise others, to post a link to the topic of another forum in a hayd, for this you immediately receive a ban and there is no point in writing about it diluted.

9. We are not responsible if you did not read these rules, after registration you automatically agree to them.

10. Prohibitions of "Personal" are prohibited. All personal ones are requested by message to the topic's author in the messages.

11. Allowed file sharing: Rghost.ru, YandexDisk, DropBox, MEGA, Cloud Services.

12. It is forbidden to create topics on the forum with a request for a loan of money, as well as to ask for money in a chat room. It is forbidden to create themes with begging money, gaming accounts, databases, etc.

13. The title of the topic should clearly reflect the content, theme or message message. It is strictly forbidden to name topics - "Save", "Help", "Tell", etc. In the title of the topic, you can not use capital letters in a row. The topic name should begin with a capital letter, and then conform to the usual rules of spelling.

14. It is forbidden to transfer information about attacks of third parties. One person - one account. (Further ban)

15. Prohibited advertising in all its manifestations of its store (and all that can be regarded as a store) is allowed only for the "Seller" group.

16. It is forbidden to register under nicknames, consisting of a set of meaningless letters / numbers / symbols (123456, 4123321, sadasfq)

17. Raising the topic 1 time in 3 days.
Raising the topic beyond the deadline is punishable by closing the topic, the subsequent creation of the topic in exactly 1 week.
If the topic is detained for a longer time than a day then it is also prohibited. The very appearance of the theme in working order is equal to one.

For sellers:

18. To purchase a group, you can buy a group, the price of this group is 1.000 rubles.

19. If suddenly the seller deceived the buyer, then the seller's payment is calculated, the amount for which he deceived.

For check:

21. The check is carried out in 2 cases:
1. This is a paid check and a review from the examiner.
2. If the user does not make money or does not have seller status.

Advertising on the forum:

22. Advertising is allowed all but the forums.

Rules for moderators:

23. The moderators do not close the topic with their blemish, if the user has created a topic with a complaint.
Punishment: Withdrawal forever.

24. The moderator is not obliged to take people for examination. All checks conducted by Soul.

25. The minimum amount of damage in the complaint is 300 rubles. Amounts less than 300 rubles are not considered.

Explanations about the guarantor and verification.
The seller has the right not to pass the audit at our forum only in cases when he works exclusively through the guarantor. This should indicate the seller himself in his topic. If, in fact, it turns out that in a personal correspondence the seller refuses the guarantor - there should be an instant ban and closing of the topic with the status of "refusal from verification and guarant"

For owners of groups, administrators of other projects:
Any administrator who wants to join the forum and transfer activities on merging scripts, rendering services, etc. from his forum / group to ours, can count on a good status with an indication in the profile of what project he represents. But the status of a verified seller will be received only after the first successful transaction through the guarantee of the forum v-h.su or other authoritative forum.

At the moment, the project's guarantors are the Site Administrators. Neither moderators, nor any other forum participants. For a link in the signature that some person is providing the services of a guarantor - they will be punished with a ban. Watch this news.
Ignor of the rules does not relieve participants of the site of responsibility for their violation.

The site administration reserves the right to delete comments or comments if they do not comply with these requirements. If you violate the rules, you may receive a warning. Warnings are not discussed and can not be appealed. In some cases, you may be given a ban without warning.

An insult to administrators or moderators is also punishable by ban.

Observe the rules and be polite!
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.